Illiterate are Increasing in Paksitan- پاکستان میں اَن پڑھوں کا اضافہ ہو رہا ہے

ٓAccording to a report of UNESCO Pakistan ‘Illiterate people are Increasing in Pakistan’. The report says that there are 5.5 Carror (50.5 Mn) Pakistani who can not read or write. UNESCO representative Mr. Arshid Saeed Khan further told that government of Pakistan is not taking interest in education and due to its negligence the Millennium Goals can not be achieved till 2015. He added that 41% of Pakistanis never went any school. Two third (2/3) of women in Pakistan do not know how to read or write. Pakistan is number one among the 21 countries of developing countries who spent more budget on defense than on primary education.

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