One Day Salary Deduction For Rain & Flood Effected People of Sindh+ Punjab

Govt of the Punjab has decided to deduct one day Salary of all government employees of grade 17 to grade 22 for the help of rain and flood effected    People of Sindh and Punjab. According to details the government of Punjab and Federal govt has decided to deduct the salary of all the provincial and federal employees of grade 17 to grade 22 so that basic neccessties can be provided to flood and rain effected poor people of Pun jab and Sindh province. On the other hand the employees are saying that they helped the needy people of Pakistan in all the calamities but the Govts  of Pakistan , Punjab, Sindh and Khayber Pakhtoonkawa are not cutting their Kingsly and lavish expenses. These Govts are spending the people tax money on their visits with no outcomes. They life style is clearly showing that they are not interested in the flooded effected poor people they are only interested in the money and aid.