Teacher Standards in Assessment- And Pakistani Teachers Standards

We are sharing here a very useful tips from our friend MIAli on the topic of Teacher Standards in Assessment. Assessment is broad term and Exam is a part of Assessment. The point is that if an American Teacher has to meet these Standards given below then where a Pakistani Teacher is standing parallel to these Standards. It is requested to please read and understand all the Standards for a Teacher in Assessment so that we move forward. And bring change in our Pakistani classrooms for the quality education and improved student learnining.

  •  Teachers should be skilled in choosing assessment methods appropriate for instructional decisions.
  •  Teachers should be skilled in developing assessment methods appropriate for instructional decisions.
  •  The teacher should be skilled in administering, scoring and interpreting the results of both externally-produced and teacher-produced assessment methods.
  •  Teachers should be skilled in using assessment results when making decisions about individual students, planning teaching, developing curriculum, and school improvement.
  •  Teachers should be skilled in developing valid pupil [grading] procedures which use pupil assessments.
  •  Teachers should be skilled in communicating assessment results to students, parents, other lay audiences, and other educators.
  •  Teachers should be skilled in recognizing and [avoiding] unethical, illegal, and otherwise inappropriate assessment methods and uses of assessment information.

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Teacher Standards in Assessment