Continuous Professional Developmet in Pakistan – Step to Follow

Teacher should do three things in his professional daily life:
1. Teacher should be well versed in “Content”.
2. Teacher should “Plan his lessons as per students interests (pedagogy)”.
3. He should “Manage the teaching and learning process”. Thanks for sharing, God bless all the senior who are working for the betterment of education in Pakistan. I want to be a good TEACHER, and I am your regular reader.

Media Role In Education to Pakistan

We have so many TV channels now in Pakistan than ever before. It is time to use this powerful media for the improvement of education in Pakistan. Here are some points to ponder and to use them in Pakistani scenario.

If we truly want to reform education in Pakistan, we must change not only the culture of education, but also the culture of media in Pakistan.

Present Indefinite Tense

Present Indefinite

اردو میں پہچان: تا ہے، تی ہے، تے ہیں، وغیرہ آ تا ہے۔

•everyday, sometimes, Usually, regularly, often, always , never, seldom, ever, routine matters, universal facts, first…then.


Something happens repeatedly
How often something happens

One action follows another
Things in general
Future meaning: time tables, events, program