AG Punjab Epayroll System Failed – People Are Suffering

AG Punjab Epayroll System Failed – People Are Suffering this reported to PakEducators by many of its dedicated and highly devoted visitors via comments (visitors are sending more and more comments daily and demanding to restore the ag website).     But so far nothing has been done to restore the system of epayroll. The visitors are very depressed and annoyed that what is taking so long to restore or increase the bandwidth of AG website. The Revised Pays according to Revised Pay Scales 2011 should be updated and uploaded on AG website but due to website failure no body can view or down load his/ her pay slip. It is demanded by the employees of Punjab all department especially the Teachers that that epayroll system should be restored without any delay for the convenience of 12 million employees of Punjab and in public interest. It is also suggested by the people that maintenance of this website should be continuously monitored for 24/7 working.  The people are in shock that why the IT Officials are sleeping since many days and done nothing to keep up and restore the e pay roll page. PakEducators with all its family members  ( All its Valuable Visitors/ commenters’/ contributors  are PakEducators Family members) ,  strongly demanded to restore the ag  e payroll system by Monday 1-Aug-2011 morning.