All Schools & Colleges Were Open Today : 2 Sep 2012 Anti Dengue Day

All schools and colleges were open today due to Shahbaz Shareef instruction to celebrate 2 September 2012 as anti Dengue day. But most of the government servants disliked using Sunday as working day. The awareness and other work could be done better on all working day a continuous process, The officials who planned to buy weekly greengrocery and other house hold works on Sunday were very up set. The higher official and CM Punjab should take care of these things that govt servants have their own commitments and personal life. If govt officials spend the day as per their desire they will work better.

  1. teachers ko tang karne k liye naye naye tareeqe dhundte rehte hain ab gujrat district k schools 15 october tk sunday ko bhi open hun gay WHAT THE HELL IS THIS PUNJAB GOVT CHAHTI HAI K AYENDA ELECTION MAIN N LEAGUE KO EK BHI VOTE NA MILAY TBI TEACHERS KO TANG KIYA JA RHA HAI

  2. Punjab govt ko to mulazmeen ka huq marna aata hai. Jaisa keh conveyance allowance, pay protection, c-leave aur ab sunday leave.
    Lagta hai shareef brotheran ko unke teachers na-laiqi pe mara karte thay. Ab yeh apna budla aaj ke teachers se le rahe hain.

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