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According to news BISE Lahore Secretary Has No Knowledge About 1st Year Result. Uh, Oh, my God what is happening in Punjab and in Pakistan, the people who are sitting on  responsible seats of BISEs  and other institution did not know what is happening in their institutions. Thousands of Students are visiting BISE Lahore for their Later on results (RL), but due to mismanagement and NOT appointing Right Man for The Right Jobs,  this is the reason of corruption and bad working in almost all the departments of Punjab and Pakistan. We do not have the shortage of resources but due to mismanagement and corruption people of Pakistan is facing millions of problems. If there is justice and corrupts are hanged and Put Right man for the Right Job then every thing will be exemplary in Pakistan… No Load shedding, No delay in results, No jobery, No nepotism, No bribery, No waist age of resources, No rental power, etc…

Please share and point out any mismanagement you see and give solution (if possible) waiting for your comments for the improvement of our society…


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 Announcement Date of Inter Part-1 Result 2011 is: 15th October 2011 At  10:00 in the Morning


  1. Asslam o alikom
    Dear sir what happen of our education system in such way when students are till looking for the result and sec Board has no knowledge.
    It is all due to ileagly and unqulified staf apointment.
    what can we do there isnt any institute that can measure such situations

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