Lumhs Jamshoro BS Radiologic Tech RE-Sit Exam 2021 Result 2022

Liaqat University of Medical and Health Sciences Jamshoro Announced Statement of Achievement for Students Who Participated in BS Radiologic Technology Exam Second Year, SemesterIII and SemesterIV RESIT 2020 College of Technology 2018 Session, LUMHS Jamshoro Handled BS Radiologic Exam Technology RESIT from 2020 to November 2021 Since the start of the exams, students have been waiting for their results to be announced. Students are informed that their wait is over. LUMHS Jamshoro has compiled the result of the student and now according to the statement released by LUMHS Jamshoro BS Radiologic Technological RESIT, the 2020 exam has been announced. Candidates will be able to know their performance after checking their result. Candidates are advised to contact the LUMHS Jamshoro Exam Department if they find any errors in the result. Errors and omissions can be corrected. Candidates can check their result with detailed signs.

Candidates can view their Result from below link:

Lumhs Jamshoro BS Radiologic Tech RE-Sit Exam 2021 Result 2022

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