Lumhs Jamshoro DDT & DOT Sem-III Annual Exam 2021 Result

Liaqat University of Medical Sciences and Health Previously scheduled Jamshoro Examinations Section Dental Technician Diploma and Dental Technician Diploma Second Year, Semester III Regular Exam Session 2021 2019. Liaqat Jamshoro University of Medical and Health Sciences had obtained a dental technician diploma and a diploma in ophthalmology Regular examination technical session 2021 session 2019 in September 2021. Since then, the students have been waiting for their results. Now that their wait is over, LUMHS Jamshoro has declared his feat. Candidates who have attempted the diploma exam according to the published syllabus are declared successful. Candidates will contact LUMHS Jamshoro’s examinations department to have their results and grades checked. Errors and omissions are excluded.

Concerned candidates can check their Result by clicking below on link:

Lumhs Jamshoro DDT & DOT Sem-III Annual Exam 2021 Result

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