Try Try Again- Never Lose Hope – Charla Nash Taught Me

Being a teacher, I am always in search of learning from anything or from everything.  Yesterday, I notice that so many people from different country reading a story of a poor woman CHARLA NASH. I was curious why so many people are attracted to this story, what is in it. To find out the reality I searched from google and find this story. I bet that when you see the pictures of this woman you will respect/ love life more and your will power will surely increased that how she is defeating the dark clouds of misery and bring the light of life to herself and her family/ friend (I salute the courage of this woman).

The background of this brave women story who fought against death two years ago. Now recovering nicely. Her story also reminds me my 10 grade story of “Try Try Again (spider who tries several times to reach the roof in his cobweb and at last she got what she determined to archive)” which was in Pakistani Text Books in 1982. Some of you may watch the movie “Face Off”, but Charla Nash Story is a real face off by a 200 pound chimpanzee.  She was left without a nose, eyes and lips but she is showing wonderful results after country’s first face transplant surgery which gave her new nose to smell and lips to taste. Talking to “Today”, Charla Nash said, “I’m beginning to feel my jaw and chin,” and though she was too weak to give a proper interview, she added, and I can move my mouth and smile. I still feel weak. But little by little I’m getting stronger.”

The daughter of Charla,  expressed her happiness in words:“I think she is impatient for recovery,” “Her speech is getting much better and she’s been getting up and starting to eat.”

Charla lose a hand she expressed her hope for getting her hands back saying, “Losing the new hands is just a bump in the road of my recovery,” “I believe that one day I’ll have two hands to help me live as a blind person with confidence.” “I will now be able to do things I once took for granted. I will be able to smell,” she said. “I will be able to eat normally. I will no longer be disfigured. I will have lips and will speak clearly once again. I will be able to kiss and hug loved ones. I am tremendously grateful to the donor and her family.”

The lesson learned from this story is that never lose hope no matter how hard the content, environment, or shortage of resources is there in Pakistan. We as a nation must fight like this strong women, who loss everything but not hope. ‘Try Try Again’, and right man for the right job is the solution to all our education challenges. Thanks to 05news whose story inspired me a lot. That I write what I feel after reading and the pictures of this courageous woman, who also taught that life is beautiful, live it beautifully.

Now see the pictures of Charla after and before chimpanzee attack.

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