PEC Punjab Exam 2012 Date Sheet Class 5 And Class 8

PEC Punjab Exam 2012 Date Sheet Class 5 And Class 8.

Punjab Examination Omission Lahore has announced the date sheet of its Grade 5 and Grade 8 examinations for 2012. These exams are going to start from February 2012.  The Grade 5 exam will start from 1st February and Grade 8 exam will start from 5 February 2012. Ther remaining detail is as under:

Date sheet of Grade 5 – ( Class 5 )

Date Sheet of Grade 8 – ( Class 8 )

On the other hand senior teachers and private schools of Punjab has declared these exam as a traditional as these exams has failed to fillful the needs of the students and also failed in improving the students learning. The quality of question papers and leakage of question papers is also questionable by the private and senior teachers. The senior teachers who have the vast experience of Item Development and Bloom / SOLO Taxonomy are not involved in the process of these papers finalization. According to PEC people this work is done in haste and they do not have pool of good Item Developers and Item Reviewers. That is the main reason of poor papers. While some teachers have worked for PEC in the past but refused to work with PEC as Punjab Examination Commission is not given the proper time for the finalization of papers and paying less to highly qualified Item Developers and Item Reviews. Some officials of the PEC are doing the analysis of the exam and this analysis is not shared with the Item Develops or Item Reviewers for improvement. One female Item Developer told that she refused to work with Punjab Examination Commission as they are not paying even the rent of hes car. She further told that in Public sector she know many good Item Writers but they are not properly facilitated so the quality is declining day by day The Administration of Exam is mostly out of control as every district want to show it result at the top so that they got prize from govt of the Punjab. So the Chief Minister Punjab should ponder on this for the transparency of class 5 and class 8 exams in Punjab.


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