PMAS AAUR BS Commerce Mid Term Fall Exams 2021-22 Schedule

The Rawalpindi exam section of Pir Mehr Ali Shah University of Arid Agriculture allows suitable candidates to sit for the BS Commerce midterm exams in the fall of 20212022. Pir Mehr Ali University of Arid Agriculture Shah from Rawalpindi indicated the exam schedule. Students who were preparing to sit for the exam and are ready to take their Fall BS Commerce 20212022 midterm exam are requested to ensure their attendance in the exam room / area in accordance with the schedule issued by PMAS AAUR review authority. The exams will take place in December. Candidates must take the exams from December 13, 2021 in accordance with the exam regulations. All government issued COVID19 SOPs must be strictly observed.

Download Date Sheet by clicking below on link:

PMAS AAUR BS Commerce Mid Term Fall Exams 2021-22 Schedule

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