Tips for Lesson Planning in Pakistani Scenario

We have already discussed the Nation Curriculum 2006 – Pakistan format in an earlier article. This is first part of Lesson Planing in Pakistani scenario and the second part will soon be shared. So send your comments on the article below by sharing what you like and what you don’t. Or how to make lesson Planning more effective.

On SLOs (Student Learning Outcomes), of (Pakistan) National Curriculum 2oo6; a well constructed Lesson Plan ensures the quality learning in the classroom. Peer /collaborative learning are also very effective learning process to enrich students’ learning .

“Learn by doing” should be encouraged by the teachers for concrete learning. As there are different minds sitting before a Teacher, so a teacher should take care the needs of all student in mind while preparing his/her lesson plan. The lesson should also have the connection with the real life situations of student / surrounding, (bring village to the classroom or take class to the village). Effective students learning in teams (groups) is one of powerful strategy as we feel stronger in team/ group. SLOs based lesson planning will raise the achievement level through structured learning processes; students can help each other by identifying key similarities and differences in concepts and tasks. Strategic lesson planning can be accomplished by presenting material in a way that calls for students to make informed decisions that can apply to many different content areas. The chief path to grasp the attention of students is to keep learning interesting (fun learning).

Remember:  Students in every age group dislike monotony.  Even the students of MA Education AIOU also like fun-learning style. As a dynamic teacher grasps their attention and then step by step clear the difficult (or I use to say new concepts).  Follow any Taxonomy during the preparation of your Lesson as this will also helps you to identify the students level of learning (in taxonomy context), and a teacher will know how much he is successful in gaining the SLO/SLOs targeted in his lesson plan.

Teaching is an art and a good teacher should be a Good Actor. His/ her style should be according to the level of his audience. If a teacher is not energetic, well prepared, humorous and confident (etc), then I am sorry to say he is not only wasting his time but also the time of his/her students. So put all you talent and creativity in planning. Emphasis on the important point should be given by given by the teacher, some teachers repeat the important point so that student also remember and understand that point.

End of Part One