Uni of Swat BS & Master Grade Improvement Exam 2020 Notice

Swat University has been made aware of the information of all USWAT applicants who have successfully completed their 4 or 5 year bachelor’s degree program, 1.5 or 2 year master’s degree in the spring semester 2020, s’ they are not satisfied with their grade and wish to improve their grade on the exam have the option of appearing in the grade improvement exam for a guaranteed good grade. To sit for the exam, they inform that registration for the improvement exam is in progress. January 22, 2022. The registration deadline is December 23, 2021. The result will be announced within 10 days of the end of the exam. Students should note that those who have obtained the original qualification cannot benefit from the improvement of the marking exam.

BS & Master Grade Improvement Exam 2020 Notice


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