100% Scholarships for Bright Students of Pakistan – USAID

Dear All … Through HEC, USAID is providing 100% Scholarships to the bright students of rural areas of Pakistan. The field of studies are BBA, MBA, BS/MS-Agriculture, MBA/BS Economics. All the educational expenses, including tuition fees, accommodation, food, books, transportation, etc will be borne by the USAID. It is 100% scholarship. While 25% seat are reserved for the female students of villages with low income.

It is an excellent opportunity for the poor village students to study in the world class universities of Pakistan. As 70% of Pakistani population belongs to and lives in villages, the poor are many and these poor families has very less money for the education of their kids. This opportunity will open the door of higher education for these poor deserving bright students of villages of Pakistan. Please share this information to all the village students as most of them do not have the internet, TV or newspaper facility. It is noble cause, and every one especially teachers has the obligation to guide others for every learning opportunity. God is always pleased with those who helps others.

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