August 2011 Salary will be paid on 25-August-2011 Due to Eid

It is officially decided by federal government that August 2011 salary will be paid on 25-August-2011 Due to coming Eid. For the convenience of  government employees, they can buy the things for the celebration of Eid alFitr

Eid alFitr is a religious ritual of 97% Muslims of Pakistan. The other side of this salary in advance is that the prices will sour more as the shopkeepers are in the habit of making money all the times but especially on some religious or national event or disaster (like floods in Pakistan last year).   While in other countries the situation remains different, they reduced the prices on religious events. It is for the reason that every one can enjoy these event, being a Pakistani we should also learn good things from other and reduce price on religious rituals. Now you will see that the prices of kids dress and kids things will rose sharply  like floods in 2010 (Pakistan), which ruined everything.

Eid alFitr (the Festival of Fast-Breaking) is a three days celebration of Muslims all over the world at the end of month Ramadan and on 1st Shawal. The family and friends rejoiced on these days. Exchange gifts and the special thing is that where ever you go to meet some one  in these days, you will be presented with sweet things.  Sweets lover like these days of  Eid alFitr very much, and diabetic patient also do some irregularity as there are so many different things but sweet. So how long a diabetic can hold…

  1. Plz tell me shall our pay be paid before eid or not i heard rumours that punjab gov did not give orders to account office to pay august pay before eid

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