Result 2nd Year Will Be 10-Sep-2011 – BISEs Punjab

Earlier the BISEs Lahore officials were telling (on phone) that the result of 2nd year (Grade 12) will be on 6-September-2011 but due to Eid Holidays most of the concerned employees of BISE Lahore went on Eid Holidays, and the result get delayed one more time. Now the new date of 2nd year result will be 10-Sep-2011. The BISE Lahore  also published this new on his website. As far as the other BISEs are concerned they announced that the result of 2nd year will be announced on 10-Setember. All the changes are puzzling the students who are impatiently waiting these results. This year the result dates of grade 10, then grade 9 and now grade 12 changed many times before the final results announcement. Hope 10th of this month will be final for now. So that the students and parents can plan their future activities well.

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