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Males Teachers of Cadet College Okara organized a strike on 01-10-2013. They brought the cadets on the road to get the status of regular employees. The innocent cadets were instigated and an oath on Quran was taken by some teachers and the cadets took oath from other cadets. The use of mobile and support from ex-principal and recruitment on Nepotism is the main reason of this strike.
The Parents are worried and asking why some teachers/ security guards/ waiters took their innocent kids on the road? Who are the master minds of this evil incident? Why teachers took oath from cadets who are here only for study purposes? Why the events happened? What action is taken by the Commissioner against the culprit teachers? When the college is opening? And the concerned parents demanded that if these intriguing teachers stay in the college then the cadets would not be safe. The culprits must be punished to save the lives and future of the cadets.
They demanded that master minds of this incident must be punished promptly.

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