Cheating Cheating In Inter Exams Punajb 2012

Cheating Cheating In Inter Exams Punajb 2012. In the inter annual exam 2012 in Punjab the cheating element is increasing. The centers are sold by BISEs officials and rate of per paper remain Rs.1000 to Rs. 2000. In some centers the English paper rate is Rs. 5000.
Teachers in trouble in Punjab due to short pays
35 % increase in Pay of Govt Employees. This increase in pay is suggested from the 1 July 2012 in the fiscal year budget 2012-2013.
The Government employees has rejected this minor increase. Govt employees added that the price are on high end and govt has no control on this price rise. The prices of daily usage items are changing many times a days. No body is checking them as they are part of this price hike.

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