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Dear All Our friend and friend of PakEducators Mr. Muhammad Farooq Anjum SST(CS), Govt. High School Pakkay Wala Jhang has shared with us the Notification of Regularization Notification No. SO (SE-III) 2-16-2007, dated 10-September-2011.This very important notification in which it is clearly written that the official who joined after 19-Octorber-2011 are regularized. We hope that now there will be no confusion in this regard. You to all Who are benefited from this notification Congrats to them and their families, & friends. Allah ya saab khuch mubarik karay. This regularization is great news for all the officials and their families. Dear all friends of Pakeducators please offer 2 Nafal of Shukrana.

Download Regular Notification Page#1

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Download Regularized Notification Full Three Pages Link-1

Download Regularized Notification Full Three Pages in .pdf Link -2

 یہ لنک پنجاب کے تمام دوستوںاور ساتھیوں کو بھجیں تا کہ وہ یہ نو تیفکیشن ڈاون لوڈ کر لیں۔  اللہ آپ کو اس کی جزا دے۔

Please Comment and also thank our friend Mr. Muhammad Farooq Anjum


  1. Good Evening

    I Write to state that Govt of the Punjab Edu Department Notification No.SO(SE-III)2-16/2007 dated 19-10-2009,the following Educator already appointed on contract basic under the provisions of the Contract Recruitment Policy 2004 are hereby appointed on regular basis w.e.f 19-10-2009 against said post.

    Plz tell me that these appointees served under contract employment (2004–2009) shall be counted for any purpose like pensions and etc.

    plz provide me any notification copy to solve my proble ,i am very thankful to u

    Faisal PAC Kamra

  2. Salam,
    i wnat to clarify either Notification SO (SE-III) 2-16/2007 applies to those Educators (Especially SSE in BPS-16) who joined thier duties on
    14-09-2010 ?Because there is a great confusion on this isuue.Respective EDO(Edu)says that this notification is NOT for those who joined their duties on 14-09-2010,because thier jobs were NOT advertised prior to 19-10-2009.

  3. can u give me mobile number of M.farooq Anjam
    becoze i want get some information
    Thank s Advanced

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