DPC Will Be On 24 April- Secretary Education Is Back

DPC Will Be On 24 April- Secretary Education Is Back. According to details the dates for PSB is changed from 23 April to 24 April 2012. The Secretary is back from foreign tour (we haven’t the outcomes of this tour). While the date for DPC of SST to SS and BS 17 to BS 18 is still in pending.

Much delay is already happened due to Secretary tour and other factors.

The Teachers Unions PASS Punjab and SSA Punjab has demanded that promotion notification and other process should be completed without any delay. New cases should be asked so that process should start and complete timely.

  1. 2 Years se SS ki dpc nhi hoi . her bar postpon kr date hain .punjab mein 100s posts HM ki bhi vacant hain.ssts ki awaz koi nhi uthata.

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