Five Super Inventions Of 2011 Must Know As Teacher of Today

Our friend Awais Shah has shared some very interesting invention of this decade and especially a teacher of today know these for being a teacher of tomorrow. New Laptop computers with latestr applicatin and more speed and energy efficent.

 Japan has made the world fastest Super Computer of the World. Japan’s Fujistsu has beaten all the earlir versions of China, USA and all others.
Super Computer Japan

Watch 3D Movies on LG Mobile. LG has made a 3D mobile for movie watching and this mobile has opened new horizens of way forward in mobile technology. The LG invention has decreased the value of Iphone in Pakistan, UK and in youngs generation. Now watch 3D movies with out special glasses.

 Knew technology make it possible that you can now see through walls. This device woek with Ultra Wide Frequency and the picture can be seen on computer secren. For security agencies this is a great device.

Store your books and presentations on Tablet and take it where ever you go. Study your text or course books during travel or in the night.

Please coomment and share the things which are useful for Teachers and Students

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