Hazara Uni Mansehra BA Composite Annual Exam 2021 Result

Hazara Mansehra University previously provided an exam schedule to students enrolled in BA and Part II for the start of the 2021 Composite Annual Exam. Candidates enthusiastically participated in the exam in accordance with the SOP safety protocol. According to the statement released by the HU, it changed the BA 2021 annual exam after providing the exam schedule to students preparing to take the 2021 annual exam. Candidates took the exam according to the schedule. of reviews published and at the assigned time and place. After the preparation of the result, the HU is officially announced the result of the student. The candidate can consult his results, his status and his marks to know his performance on the exam. If candidates are not satisfied with their exam result, they are welcome to apply for exam questions. Errors and omissions are subject to subsequent rectification.

Concerned can view their Result by clicking below on link:

Hazara Uni Mansehra BA Composite Annual Exam 2021 Result

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