KEMU Lahore MPhil 2nd Annual Exam 2019 Date Sheet

The Examinations Section of King Edward Lahore Medical University has announced that the second full annual MPhil 2019 exam under the 2007 regulations is proceeding as scheduled. In this regard, King Edward University of Medicine Lahore announces the date of the second full annual review of MPhil 2019. The exam will take place in the new KEMU Lahore building. It is mandatory for students to follow the technical sheet and to be physically present for their subject card / selective code attempt from November 15, 2021. Candidates must follow the rules and regulations of the exam to avoid situations uncomfortable. It is compulsory to wear a face mask for all candidates in the examination room. Applicants must submit exam forms to take the exam. The deadline for submitting single payment requests is December 16, 2021 and the deadline for submitting duplicate payment requests is December 23, 2021. Incomplete forms will be rejected. Candidates should read the instructions carefully when submitting the exam forms.

Students can download KEMU MPhil 2019 Date Sheet here

KEMU Lahore MPhil 2nd Annual Exam 2019 Date Sheet

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