Monitoring & Implementation Of Lesson Plans in Punjab Schools Sep 2011

Monitoring & Implementation Of Lesson Plans in Punjab Schools September 2011 is started by School Education Department Punjab. According to details Secretary School Education Department Mr. Aslam Kamboh has issued a letter on 15 September 2011 in this letter the CTSC Heads are asked to Monitor the implementation of Lesson Plans and Teachers Guides in the class rooms for the improvement of Students Learning and Learning Environment (in schools of Punjab). It is also noticeable that 155, 846 Primary School Teachers – PSTs are trained on these Lesson Plan in 5 batches training during the Summer Vacation 2011. Now these lesson plans should be implement in the classrooms of Punjab primary schools.  The CTSC Heads are asked to visit there cluster schools each month.

The indicators which are fixed by the secretary school Punjab are as under:

  1. Availability of Lesson Plan in the school  – 2 marks
  2. Use of Lesson Plan according to Taleemi Calender – 2 marks
  3. Reflection of Lesson Plan in the Teachers Dairy and Home work copies of students – 2 marks
  4. Level of achievement of SLO during the session/ period 4 – marks

Download the Complete Letter

We can say that this a good step for ensuring the Quality Education from the root (basic education). If Secretary School Punjab really want to implement and monitor this then he has to establish a team of good monitors (who should know and understand the SLOs and Bloom/SOLO Taxonomies, and also the pedagogy). As with out a good and proper number of monitors its will just a visit programme.

The question also arises how a CTSC Head who is the Head Teacher of a High School has time to monitor the whole period of teacher? If the monitor is not observing the whole period/ session how can his observation will be called valid?

The solution of this issue that Mr. Aslam Kamboh Secretary School Education Punjab should request Senior Seasoned Subject Specialists who know the Boom/SOLO Taxonomies and Pedagogy/Androgyny. To help in this monitoring process of implementation for fruitful results in year 2011- March 2012 academic session. I personally some very good SS, Sr. SS and Teachers who are seasoned and served in may renowned institutions of Pakistan and has already implemented these kind of things. Secretary Mr. Aslam Kamboh School Education Department of Punjab can use their experience for student leaning improvement. This kind of system will also ensure the consistency and local capacity at district and tehsil level will emerged.

This point is also noticeable that this letter is not delivered to the CTSC head till today in 36 districts.

Dear all Teachers please send your suggestions how to implement effectively this system in Punjab. Or what is your opinion in this regard.


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