New 4 Tier Formula Govt Of The Punjab Employees

New 4 Tier Formula Govt Of The Punjab Employees for promotion and recruitment.
Grade 2o Seat is for Educationists Teachers only. This will be a decoity, if any other try to snatch it.  All Teachers and education management will be on strike.

  1. aaj hi mesage wsool hua ha k 4 tier formula pr sign ho gay hein .is it correct?this mesage is received from PEA.

  2. 4 tier structural formula is only for Scale 17 and above. It is not new. It was at the ratio 50:34:15:1 which means 50% in scale 17, 34% in 18, 15% in 19 and 1% in scale 20. Now it is going to be modified with a ratio 42:36:19:3. It is not for PSTs,ESTs or SSTs. However a modification in the upward mobility scheme is being made for SSTs. In future they will get the benefit of upward mobility scheme on 1st December each year like PSTs and ESTs on the total working strength instead of strength of 1-9-07.

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