New Transfer, Posting of EDOs/ DEO Punjab July 2011

Punjab government has issued the transfer / adjustment orders – notification of Executive District Officers – Education Punjab. These  EDOs / DEOs are asked to join their place of  posting, transfer/ adjustment with immediate effect via Order No. SO (SE-1)15-29/2010 dated 16-July-2011, Government Of the Punjab School Education Department and Signed by the Mr. Imran Munir Bhatti- Section Office (SE-1).

Sr#NameDistrict Posted AsPreviou Posting
1Mr. Shaukat Ali SherwaniEDO- Edu DG KhanDEO SE DG Khan
2Dr. Muhammad Javaid Muzzafar IqbalEDO- Edu SialkotDEO Mainwali
3Mst Tahira Parveen ChishtiEDO- Edu MianwaliW-EE Layyah
4Mr. Ghulam Nazak ShezadEDO- Edu Rahin Yar KhanPrincipal GHSS DG Khan
5Mr. Rana Ghulam NabiEDO- Edu BahawalnagarSSS GHSS Khan Bela RYK
6Mr. Muhammad Alam JaffriSchool Education Department on Administrative ground
7Mst . Fauzia IjazEDO- Edu PakpattanDEO (SE) Bahawalnagar
8Mr. Aeziz AhmadDEO (SE) LodhranPrincipal GHSS Zahir Pir RYK
9Mr. Bashir AhmadDEO (M EE) Bahawalpur
10Mr. Shaukat Ali TahirSchool Education Department on Administrative groundDEO (SE) Vehari
11Mr. Rana Muhammad ShabbirDEO (SE) VehariDEO (M-EE) Vehari
12Mst. Misbah TalatDEO (W-EE) Khanawal
13Mr. Rana Muhammad Akram ShahidSchool Education Department on Administrative groundDEO (SE) Khanrwal
14Mr. Kamsed IqbalDEO (SE) KhanewalSR. HM GHS Mandra Rawalpindi
15Muhammad Abdul Ghaffar KhanDEO (SE) DG KhanDEO (M-EE) Muzafargarh
16Mr. Abdul MajeedDEO (M-EE) Rahim Yar KhanSR. HM GHS Mehmoodia, Sahiwal
17Mr. Irshad AhmadDEO (SE), Rahim Yar KhanPrincipal GHSS Muzzafargarh
18Mst. Rukhsana NighatDEO (SE) KasurSSS, GHSS Kasur
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