NUML Islamabad BSML Final Term Fall Exams 2021 Schedule

The Islamabad Examinations Section of the National University of Modern Languages ​​has updated the date on which BSML students are due to take the 2021 Fall Final Exams. According to the University’s announcement, the final exams of The fall of BSML 2021 will start from January 10, 2022. candidates are advised to check the fact sheet provided by the university and prepare for the exam according to it. candidates intending to take the BSML 2021 exam must follow the updated sheet provided by the 2021 University. 2021 Exam. The exam will be conducted in accordance with the University Rules and Exam Rules.

Candidates can Download their Exam Schedule by clicking below on link:

NUML Islamabad BSML Final Term Fall Exams 2021 Schedule

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