Qualification Allowance To Teachers Notification

Qualification Allowance To Teachers Notification

Our friend Mr. Raza Noor has shared with us the Notification of Qualification Allowance. Thanks you dear Raza, it will certainly help and benefits many readers of this forum which is a Sadaqa a Jariaya. So all are requested to help each other in good matters/ deeds. Thanks and Allah Bless Your Dear Raza.

Notification of Qualification Allowance No SO (S-II)2-16/2007  Dated 24 September 2007 Govt of the Punjab Education Department School Wing.

Qualification Allowance will be given on getting the MA/MSc Degree in the following subjects to EST, AEOs, SST, SS, SSS, Principals (Male/ Females): Urdu, English, Pak-Studies, Math, Physics Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, History, Arabic and MCS (Master in Computer Science from HEC recognized institution.

  1. All govt. employees bearing M.phil degree are eligible for m.phill allowance Rs.5000/- per month with regular pay either they are regular or on contract subject to the conditions that they have not gained any kind of benefit of advance increments or higher pay scale on the basis of said qualification during service.If u fullfil the criteria then get sanction from the appointing authorities for drawal of such allowance on higher qualification.If even then the authority refuses then submit your case to Mohtsib punjab for justice

  2. سر اس پر دستخط ٹھیک سے نہیں نظر آ رهے
    اگر آپکے پاس نوٹیفکیشن موجود ھے تو پلیز ایک سافٹ کاپی مکمل دستخط والی دوبارہ اپلوڈ کر دیں شکریہ

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