QUEST Nawab Shah BE & BS Batch-18 Regular Exam Notice

QuaideAwam University of Engineering and Technology is circulated for the information of all interested Batch19 students that the regular exam of the second semester of the second year of the fourth semester of the batch19 Bachelor of Engineering BE and Bachelor of Science BS will be held from the January 11, 2022 To start the DUHS exam, Karachi accepts exam admission forms from students willing and ready to take their exam. Therefore, all eligible students of the aforementioned lot are required to complete the exam forms and pay the required exam fees through a draft application in favor of the QUEST Exam Supervisor. Modules must be completed in all aspects and must be sent with a single fee by January 1, 2022, while using the second possibility, applicants must submit the exam form by January 10, 2022. After that, no form will be received.

BE & BS Batch-18 Regular Exam Notice

QUEST Nawab Shah BE & BS Batch-18 Regular Exam Notice

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