RPM and CC Posts at DSD Punjab Lahore

DSD has announced post for Regional Programme Managers and Course Coordinators 2011. The add is below in this regard.

RPM and CC Posts at DSD Punjab Lahore

  1. Sir, sirf safarshi bharti kartay hain. No teacher is at DSD. All are income tax or becrocreats. Safarshi+ Safarshi. Now the project allownce is ended and these officer are trying to run from DSD Punajb. But one year ban. No educationist is there.

  2. koi shareef admi dsd main apply nahin kar sakta kyun k sarry ***** ******* hain yahan sub k sub sifarshi bharti huay hain

  3. alqy ki badmash or bgry or frdy teacher detes banty han taki techro ko black mal kr saky jisa ki milk mhbob jo ki girls school min jana pasand krta hai phon nobr chora ke black mail krta hai milk mhbob or kashif blak mil kr ky pasy kamaty han koi nots ni lita

  4. agr in ko dtes lagana hai to in ki krdar ka to pata kr lin
    education afsran ke mhrbani hai agr in ko waps bij dia jay milk mhbob 280 jb gojra waly hr tesri larki phnsa kr shadi kr lita hai chck krin is ky pas ziada girls school han

    1. sham for u, all Dtes are exprienced teacrhers and working very well.apki koi larrki bhag gai hy tu is main na Dtes ka qasor hy na Dsd ka. apny ghr ki fiker kro ap.

  5. milk mhbob 280 jb the gojra mrkz nia lahour or is ka sathi pory alaky min mashour han blik milr min apny ap ko sho ni krna chahti vrna min is ki krtut btati dsd walon ko agr asy dtes rhy to boht jld kom ka bira ghark ho jy ga
    plez education dpartmint sy gzarsh hai is ko fori htaya jay

  6. D S D walo sy gazarash hai ki plez kashif mhmoud pst thesel gojra disst toba markz nia lahor p/s 92jb chck no 279 jb ko hrgz dt na bania jay wo teachro ko black mail krta hai ledy techer ko phon sy tang krta hai os ka krdar theek ni hai boht bra black milr hai os ko detes ke post pr na lagaia jy

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