Ten Percent Teachers Are Bad? Teacher wants to Teach – That’s Why He Work Long Hours

“Teacher wants to Teach – That’s Why He Work Long Hours and accept shi**y salary”, these are the justification of actor Matt Damon when he was interviewed by a female anchor. The news channel anchor was asking tough question and at one moment she alleged that the teachers works hard as they are on contract, for their job security they work hard. But Matt Damon defend the Teachers with true notions of  true teachers, saying that the ”Teacher want to Teach – That’s Why He Work Long Hours and accept shi**y salary”. According to 05News while talking to Reason.TV host, during the “Save our schools” march in Washington DC, Matt defended the stance of teaching– getting a bit heated up while doing so. One camera man asked a question that, “ten percent teachers are bad”? Matt reversed this question by an attacking tone on the camera man that may be you are shitty camera man. Watch the video

  1. Sir, teacher ki salary itni kam hai k usay smj nahi ati k wo ghar ka nizam kesay chalaey govt m.a pas teacher ko 1200
    salary dy rahi hai is low amount ko wo kahan kharch krey ga

    1. Yes dear. If teacher is not free from bread wining situation, then how can he be imaginative. Plato (Aflatoon) want that teachers should be ruler of his ideal state, free from worries of bread and butter. Teachers salary should be very very reasonable if Pakistan (or any country) wants to progress.

  2. Punjab govt ny to pst teacher ko sarkari kami smja howa hai murdam shamari ho ya polio k drops vote bananey hon ya utility store pr chezain farokhat krni hon ya phr ghar ghar ja UPE ka prog chalana ho ye sb kam pst teacher he krta hai aur is ki salary school k peon sy be km hai

    1. Dear Ghazanfar, That is why we (Pakistani) are not progressing as we have degraded the teachers in society. A Teacher should be for Teaching. His salary must be respectable, and he should have leisure to THINK high for better Teaching. If a Teacher is thinking how to meet the expenses of his/her house, how can anyone expect from him/her the creative thinking, novel ideas or latest pedagogy. The pool of good trainer from public sector is Not ready to impart training as they pay low and belittle the Teachers. If any one want to brighten his/ her (country or individual future) future, Education and respect of Teachers must be his/her First Priority.
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