UCP Lahore Faculty of Arts & Social Sci Exam 2021 Datesheet

The Examinations Section of the University of Central Punjab at Lahore is set to launch the 2021 Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Mid-Term Fall Examination 2021 for first semester students. To manage the exams, UCP Lahore edited the sheet with the date. appear in the 2021 midterm fall exam that their exams are scheduled to take in January. Therefore, applicants will need to follow the exam schedule. According to the published exam schedule, the exam will take place from January 3, 2022. Candidates ensure they are present for the exam from January 3, 2022. Candidates are advised to check the location carefully. examination and follow the SOP instructions prescribed for the prevention of Covid19.

UCP Lahore Faculty of Arts & Social Sci Exam 2021 Datesheet

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