UoS Bachelor Supply Exams 2021 Forms Submission Schedule

Sargodha, Sargodha University is about to start the 2021 procurement exams for BA, BSc, B.Com Part II, Associate Degree in Arts, Science and Commerce. Regular and private applicants can submit their application forms online with a one-off payment by the final date of 05-01-2022. Applicants will read their 2021 submission forms for UoS BA / BSc, B.Com ADA / ADS and they will take note of the rate. of the quota, which has changed. New, failed or absent candidates as a whole cannot appear in BA, BSc, B.Com, ADA / ADS / ADC courses and sector students can submit their own forms for these exams. Applicants will read the instructions and should follow them when completing and submitting admissions applications. Applicants will recognize that UoS BA / BSc, B.Com, ADA / ADS / ADC 2021 delivery exams will start from 18012022 and students will collect the datasheet and collect booklets n. the start of their exams.

You Can Download UoS Bachelor Supply Exams 2021 Forms Submission Schedule From Here:

UoS Bachelor Supply Exams 2021 Forms Submission Schedule

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