100% Children in School Till 31-October-2011- سیکریٹری پنجاب

100% Children age 6 years to 9 years must be in School Till 31-October-2011. The Education Department, Government of the Punjab has given the target to all the EDOs (Education) of Punjab that no children will be out of school till 31-October-2011. The Secretary School Education Mr. Aslam Kamboh is monitoring all the process in this regard very strictly. The Secretary School Education asked the EDOs -Edu that no child should be out of school  after 31-10-2012 as Government of the Punjab targeted 100% literacy, 100 % enrollment and 100 percent retention in schools of Punjab. EDO-Edu Lahore Mr. Pervaiz has already started an effective campaign in this regard and claimed that the target will be achieve in Lahore till 31-12-2011.

Please comment how to make sure 100 percent enrollment and retentions in schools….