AG Punjab – Pakistan Server is Down

It is reported again and again that AG Punjab Pakistan server is down since many days but nothing is done to restore the services. The users are trying again and again to see and download their pay slip from its e-payroll page but due to bandwidth excess the AG server got down. It is brought in the notice of AG IT Official but they are saying that we are working on it but till today nothing is restored. It is demanded by the thousands of the Users and some comment on PakEducators are proof that the people are demanding that the AG Punjab – Pakistan should take strict action against the person responsible for the maintenance of services and update the Payrolls of Employees of Punjab – Pakistan according to Revised Pay Scale 2011. The updated pay slips will save the time of millions of people and millions of rupees paper.  The delay in this regard is creating frustration among the employees. The users are reporting that the system is great but it should be updated frequently and all the services should be updated and maintained on daily basis.