Income Tax Ratio – Tax Calculator 2011 Pakistan Salaried

The Tax percentage is Zero  t0 20% in Pakistan for Salaried according to 2011-12 budget. In come Tax Calculator Pakistan for Salaried is given below for your convenience . Note that the exempted amount for salaried is 3,50000 as per 2011-2012 budget of Pakistan. You can calculate your income tax by using the below table calculator. Please deduct the Tax exempted amount,  3,50000 from your total tax payable amount and then see according to what percentage (%), you have to pay Tax on the remaining tax payable amount.

Sr#Amount 2011-2012% of Tax
1Where the taxable income does not exceed Rs.350,0000%
2Where the taxable income exceeds Rs.350,000 but does not exceed Rs.400,0001.50%
3Where the taxable income exceeds Rs.400,000 but does not exceed Rs.450,0002.50%
4Where the taxable income exceeds Rs.450,000 but does not exceed Rs.550,0003.50%
5Where the taxable income exceeds Rs.550,000 but does not exceed Rs.650,0004.50%
6Where the taxable income exceeds Rs.650,000 but does not exceed Rs.750,0006%
7Where the taxable income exceeds Rs.750,000 but does not exceed Rs.900,0007.50%
8Where the taxable income exceeds Rs.900,000 but does not exceed Rs.1,050,0009%
9Where the taxable income exceeds Rs.1,050,000 but does not exceed Rs.1,200,00010%
10Where the taxable income exceeds Rs.1,200,000 but does not exceed Rs.1,450,00011%
11Where the taxable income  exceeds Rs.1,450,000 but does not exceed Rs.1,700,00012.50%
12Where the taxable income exceeds Rs.1,700,000 but does not exceed Rs.1,950,00014%
13Where the taxable income exceeds Rs.1,950,000 but does not exceed Rs.2,250,00015%
14 Where the taxable income exceeds Rs.2,250,000 but does not exceed Rs.2,850,00016%
15Where the taxable income exceeds Rs.2,850,000 but does not exceed Rs.3,550,00017.50%
16Where the taxable income  exceeds Rs.3,550,000 but does not exceed Rs.4,550,000,18.50%
17Where the taxable income exceeds Rs.4,550,000.20%

Here we are f=given the previous tax ratio as per amount and percentage (%) of Tax.

Sr#Amount 2010% of Tax
1Where taxable income is below Rs. 200,0000%
2Where the taxable income is between Rs. 200,000 – Rs. 250,000             0.50%0.50%
3Where the taxable income is between Rs. 250,000 – Rs. 350,000             0.75%0.75%
4Where the taxable income is between Rs. 350,000 – Rs. 400,000             1.50%1.50%
5Where the taxable income is between Rs. 400,000 – Rs. 450,000             2.50%2.50%
6Where the taxable income is between Rs. 450,000 – Rs. 550,000             3.50%3.50%
7Where the taxable income is between Rs. 550,000 – Rs. 650,000             4.50%4.50%
8Where the taxable income is between Rs. 650,000 – Rs. 750,000             6.00%6.00%
9Where the taxable income is between Rs. 750,000 – Rs. 900,000             7.50%7.50%
10Where the taxable income is between Rs. 900,000 – Rs. 1,050,000           9.00%9.00%
11Where the taxable income is between Rs. 1,050,000 – Rs. 1,200,000       10.00%10.00%
12Where the taxable income is between Rs. 1,200,000 – Rs. 1,450,000       11.00%11.00%
13Where the taxable income is between Rs. 1,450,000 – Rs. 1,700,000       12.50%12.50%
14Where the taxable income is between Rs. 1,700,000 – Rs. 1,950,000       14.00%14.00%
15Where the taxable income is between Rs. 1,950,000 – Rs. 2,250,000       15.00%15.00%
16Where the taxable income is between Rs. 2,250,000 – Rs. 2,850,000       16.00%16.00%
17Where the taxable income is between Rs. 2,850,000 – Rs. 3,550,000       17.50%17.50%
18Where the taxable income is between Rs. 3,550,000 – Rs. 4,550,000       18.50%18.50%
19Where the taxable income is between Rs. 4,550,000 – Rs. 8,650,000       19.00%19.00%
20Where the taxable income is more than Rs. 8,650,000                            20.00%20.00%

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  1. How to calculate tax on Ex-Gratia amount in Pakistan. Is there any special treatment other than normal rate of tax. Is it calculated on averaged rate basis. Please advise.

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