Ban Lifted On Lady Teachers Transfer & Admin Posts – Download Letter Punajb Govt

Ban Lifted On Lady Teachers Transfer – Govt Of Punjab Pakistan, download transfer letter Punjab

According to latest news the Government of the Punjab has lifted the ban on the transfer of Female Teachers of the Punjab. It is also categorically decided that the female/ lady teachers will be transfer/ adjusted near to their home and where these female teachers can easily go via reliable transport. Thousand of lady teachers are posted in the far flung backward areas of Punjab and no public transport is available to reach the school. Due to the bad law and order situation it is unsafe for the lady teachers to access and impart education as many bad incidents already happened. Download the transfer letter No SO (SE IV)2-34/2009/TR, Dated 7 October 2011, School Education Department Punjab, Lahore.

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  1. sir if in June2012 new labs will establish then cmputer teachers appointed in 2009 can transfer to that schools or new teachers will be appointed in that schools.i m also travling abt 40 to 42 km(one sided).but no chances of transfer as no cmputer seat is vacant in rwp city.

  2. humari tu file hi dhaky khai ja rahi ha janab kabi edo k pass 10 chakar phir do k pass 15 chakar ab deputy do k paas ha aur 8 chakar laga chuka hoon sab log office main b hoty hain but kehty hain kal kar dain k sign kal kar dain gy but un ki kal nahi aa rahi

    Khuda in ko hadiyat day.

  3. kia waqaee female teachers ky transfer per pabande khatam ho gae hy.plz reply me.i want to transfer my wife near my school due to transport problem and safty condition.

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