BPSC Assistant Written Exams Schedule 2021

Quetta, Balochistan Civil Service Commission Quetta requested application forms from suitable candidates for their appointment to the post of assistant and this post was left vacant in several departments, including the Department of Minorities, the Department of agriculture and cooperatives and the Balochistan Civil Service Commission. The BPSC has reviewed candidate documents and application forms and has now released the BPSC Assistant Written Examination Program 2021. Quetta Cantt College. Candidates will take the written tests according to the established timetable and will bring the necessary documents, which will be useful for them to participate in the written test. The BPSC has published its own list of candidates for applicants, which can enable them to take written tests and prove their identity in classrooms.

You Can Download BPSC Assistant Written Exams Schedule 2021 From Here:
BPSC Assistant Written Exams Schedule 2021

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