DUHS Karachi 1st Year BSN Nursing Repeat Exam 2021 Datesheet 2022

Dow University of Health Sciences Karachi has prepared the syllabus after deciding to use first year BSN Nursing SemesterI Repeat Examination 2021. Candidates who are preparing to sit for BSN Nursing SemesterI Examination 2021 are advised to follow the program announced by DUHS Karachi. statement issued by DUHS officer, BSN Nursing SemesterI Repeat Examination 2921 will take place in January. For the conduct of the exam, the DUHS has announced the exam schedule for students. Based on the finalized diploma in echocardiography Examination time, candidates are invited to appear for the examination from January 18, 2022. Candidates should carefully check the schedule indicated in the data sheet for each subject. Candidates strictly adhere to the start time of the card to avoid awkward situations.

Download Date Sheet from Here to click on link:

DUHS Karachi 1st Year BSN Nursing Repeat Exam 2021 Datesheet 2022

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