Food For Thought – Who Are You?

Mr. Miali shared a story which is a good for thought and has morale. If you like it please comment and if you don’t like even then comment.

¬†“Who we are?”“A woman in a coma was dying. She suddenly had a feeling that she was taken up to heaven and stood before the seat of judgement.
“Who are you?”a voice said to her.
I’m the wife of the minister,” she replied.
“I didn’t ask you whose wife you are but who you are.”
I am the mother of four children.”
“I didn’t ask whose mother you are,but who you are.”
“I am a School teacher”.
“I didn’t ask you what your profession is but who you are.”
And so it went.No matter what she replied,she didnt seem to give a satisfactory answer to the question,”Who are you.”
“I am a Muslim.”
“I didn’t ask what your religion is but who you are.”
“I am the one who went to school everyday and always helped the poor and needy.”
“I did not ask you what you did but who you are.”
She evidently failed the examination for she was sent back to earth.
When she recovered from her illness she determined to find out who she was. And that made all difference.
Our duty is to be.Not to be somebody,not to be nobody-for therein lies greed and ambition-not to be this or that-but just to be”.

Now the question is still there who you are?
Each of you has to answer this question and the best answer would be given a “Certificate of Intelligence” from the Management of PakEducators. So please answer the question as much as you can….
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