Increase In Pay 2013: Yes OR No

Govt both federal and all provincials are playing with the feelings of govt servants. As govt officials made promises that they will increase the pays as per increase in inflation and price hike.  But know there are mixed news. One news is that the pays will be increased but the other is that the govt is planning to spent all money on developments of street and other infrastructure to please its voters and won the election 2013.

But Govt employees rejected this who are living hand to mouth in this  daily price increased in basic needs. Increase is pay is the need of hour. The employees unions are making plan to defeat the govt in election 2013. As more than 30 million employees and there families will be against these kinds of injustices.
increase in pay-newssalary Incraese Regected

  1. Who will win Election 2013, Employees or Govt???
    Will Employees Unions take up this issues in real sense or newspaper comments only.

    Who will win Election 2013, Employees or Govt???
    What will you do as Employee?

    Who will win Election 2013, Employees or Govt???
    What will be your action if salaries are NOT increased, You family action?????
    Whom Govt Employees will vote???
    Share you views. Appni raay zaroor dain.

  2. noon leage to emloyes ki dusman ha.Un ko vote naie dana or Federal Govt be employee kay sat har roz topi daram kar rhae ha .IC liya no PPP NO PML(N,q,f etc vote for change and other option is Imran Khan and other new parties like suni tareek,Jamht islami ,Jamyat dawa and any other party

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