JSMU Karachi MSPH Sem-I Batch-VII Revised Exam Schedule

Jinnah Sindh Medical University Karachi is launching the knowledge test for students enrolled in the MS Semester VII BatchVII Public Health Semester. JSMU Karachi has decided on the exam schedule to organize the theory exam for students preparing to attempt MS in public health. JSMU Karachi urges students to check and follow their exam schedule. The MSPH exam will begin in December. Examinations will take place on campus as indicated in the published date sheet. Candidates will have to prove their papers according to their selective subject from December 29, 2021. The date is mentioned in the calendar of exams that students are required to take. All government issued COVID19 SOPs must be strictly observed.

Download Date Sheet from Here to click on link

JSMU Karachi MSPH Sem-I Batch-VII Revised Exam Schedule

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