Lumhs Jamshoro BS 2nd Year Sem-III Regular Exam 2021 Result

Liaqat Jamshoro University of Medical and Health Sciences conducted the BS in Forensic Biology, Chemistry, Toxicology Second Year, Semester III Regular Examination 2021 Session 2019 of LUMHS Jamshoro College of Technology. After doing the paperwork and completing the document check, Liaqat University of Medical and Health Sciences, Jamshoro was notified of all interested applicants who took the regular BS exam in Medical Biology. legal, chemistry, toxicology 2021, of which the controller of the LUMHS exams has been declared their result. LUMHS managed the review in September 2021. Notification of results is provisionally released as a warning only. Errors and omissions as they are detected. Enrollment in it does not in itself confer any right or privilege on a student to issue a semester grade / diploma sheet, which will be issued in accordance with the rules and regulations based on the original LUMHS register.

View Result by clicking below on link:

Lumhs Jamshoro BS 2nd Year Sem-III Regular Exam 2021 Result

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