Lumhs Jamshoro BS Radiologic Tech Annual Exam 2021 Result

Liaqat University of Medical and Health Sciences in Jamshoro finalized the result of the students enrolled in the second year of BS X-ray technology, regular exam of semester III, 2019 session of LUMHS College of Technology and officially announced it to the students. so that they become aware of their performance on the exam. LUMHS had updated the exam schedule for interested students to prepare for their exam. The students had taken the exam as they prepared to take the exam. BS Radiologic Technology Second year, SemesterIII Regular Examination 2021 took place in September 2021. Students whose place numbers are mentioned in the results sheet are declared Pass or Fail since they obtained the marks on the exam. Errors and omissions are excluded on the basis of the original recording.

Candidates can check their BS Exam Result by clicking below on link:

Lumhs Jamshoro BS Radiologic Tech Annual Exam 2021 Result

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