No New Boys College In Rawalpindi – Punjab – For Last 40 Years

It is unfortunate that in my city Rawalpindi which is adjacent to Islamabad the capital of Pakistan has been deprived of a new boys college for last 4o years. There are only 4 colleges for boys since the birth of Pakistan till today. The Last college was in the decade of 1970s by the up gradation of Govt. Set-lite Town High School  to Govt. Inter College and later on up graded to Govt Degree College. There are 18 Govt. Girls Colleges in Rawalpindi. Which are fulfilling the needs of girls students. But due to lack of Boys Colleges many bright students do not get admission and Private Colleges fees are too much to afford by middle class students. It is requested to high officials to consider this issues on emergency base and up-grade or establish at least 7 new boys colleges as population is increasing day by day and no student should be out of college due to shortage of fees.


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  1. Aoa! well I personally think right now in most boys colleges admission ratio is very very very low and I think these colleges are just a burden on finance. our ministry of education should do sth positive about it. who in this modern age study arts subjects especially boys?

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