No Written Test For Teachers – 30 Thosuand Teachers Recruitment is Starting In November 2011

30 Thosuand Teachers Recruitment is Starting In November 2011. According to detail the government of the Punjab is starting the process of recruitment of thirty thousand teachers in different districts of Punjab. The Education department has asked the EDOs to submit their latest vacancy position so that the vacant seats of grade 9 to grade 16 Teachers seats can be filled.

These seats will be filled on interview basis and NO written test will be there. The Education Department is also asked to make the whole process of recruitment Transparent and Purely on Merit. The EDO will be held responsible for any violation in this regards and No excuse will be there. 30000 teachers will be recruited in different subjects in Punjab as per vacancy position on district level. The process should be completed in November – December step by step.

  1. sir i have done BSc hons in physics. m i eligible for ssc phy-math?
    also my brother has done BSc (phy,chem,math) and msc chem is he eligible for ssc chem-bio?

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