PEC Exam 2013 Little Students Centers Are Far Flung

PEC Exam 2013 Little Students Centers Are Far Flung. According to details Punjab Examination Commission Exam 2013 are going to start from February 1, 2013. But PEC and EDO offices of Punjab has far-flung exam centers foe little students. Which will increase the difficulties of students and security risks. It was suggested in 2012 to make the exam centers near to students localities but in 2013 more bad situation is prevailing for students which surely affect the learning and performance of the students in the exam 2013.
44We again suggest Punjab Examination Commission Chairman and Operation manager to revise the centers and place students to the nearer centers to their houses for the sake of Learning and security of students. This will also save resources in the shape of Time and Money (petrol, travel expenses, etc).

  1. hello
    5th n 8th k exam center ki information kis site se li jati hai.mera school center bana hia.hmen studnt strength chaiye exam center k lie.n for seating plan…..

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