PEC Punjab Issued Show Cause Notices To Teachers On Bad Results

PEC Punjab – Punjab Examination Commission Lahore has Issued Show Cause Notices To Teachers On Bad Results of Grade 5 and Grade 8 2011. But the Teachers Unions disliked this accountability of Education department and protested against this. While many teachers opinionated that in many schools the cheating was at the full swing and it is also in the gossip that many head teachers were also involved in cheating to make their results good. This was one of reason that the results of many schools are good which were not expected by the hardworking surrounding schools teachers (reported). It is also predicted by honest teachers that in PEC exam 2012 of grade 5 and grade 8 the ratio of cheating will be increased as many primary teachers do not want to be accountable before any one.

It is now trhe responsilbilty of Secretary education to look into the matter and made a team at district and tehsil level to monitor the exam administration of grade 5 and grade 8 to stop cheating and transperent conduct of eams. Other wise this whole excercise of PEC will be futile. Let’s see what kind of practical steps will be taken by the Secreatry School Punjab to improve the Student learning in real sense. Secreatry Efficency and Effectiveness is also at the stake.

Please comment and suggest how can Secretary / Eduction Department can conduct transparent Exam of /grade 5 and Grade 8, 2012