Present Indefinite Tense

Present Indefinite

اردو میں پہچان:    تا ہے، تی ہے، تے ہیں، وغیرہ آ  تا ہے۔

•everyday, sometimes, Usually, regularly, often, always , never, seldom, ever, routine matters, universal facts, first…then.


  • Something happens repeatedly
  • How often something happens
  • One action follows another
  • Things in general
  • Future meaning: time tables, events, program

Structure of Sentence

  • Subject+1st form of Verb
  • He, she, it (any singular name)+(1st form of Verb + s, es, ies)



  • Iqra  ____________to school daily.                    (go)
  • Fazan ___________ watching cartoons.          (like)
  • He always———-his work on time.                    (do)
  • She usually——-her time in writing.                (spend)
  • They often ——–their time.                                 (waste)
  • The sun ——–in the east.                                      (rise)
  • The earth——–round the sun.                            (revolve)
  • The aero-plane _________.                                  (fly)


For Negative Sentences منفی جملے

  • Subject+ does not (he, she, it, s, es, ies)/ do not (I, we, they, you, plural)+1st form of verb

Examples of Negative Sentences نفی جملے

  • Iqra  does not go to school daily.                                     (go)
  • Fazan does not like watching cartoons.                       (like)
  • He always does not do his work on time.                     (do)
  • She usually does not spend her time in writing.      (spend)
  • They often do not waste their time.                              (waste)
  • The sun does not rise in the east.                                   (rise)
  • The earth does not revolve round the sun.                 (revolve)
  • The aero-plane does not fly.                                             (fly)


For Interrogative Sentences سوالیہ جملے

  • Does/do+ subject+ 1st form of verb  ?


Examples of Interrogative Sentences سوالیہ جملے


  • Does Iqra go to school daily?                                          (go)
  • Do I go to school?
  • Does Fazan  like watching cartoons?                          (like)
  • Does he always do his work on time?                          (do)
  • Does she usually spend her time in writing?           (spend)
  • Do they often waste their time?                                   (waste)
  • Does the sun rise in the east?                                         (rise)
  • Does the earth revolve round the sun?                       (revolve)
  • Do the aero-planes fly?                                                     (fly)